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Ruby BarberEverywhereness




Discover an uplifting immersive art installation by floral artist Ruby Barber of Studio Mary Lennox.

The dream-like piece incorporates a dozen piloted drones into a new-to-the-world viewing experience. It is part of Porsche’s series of special art & design commissions “The Art of Dreams” to be shown from the 6th till 12th June at Brera Design Week 2022.

Ruby Barber

is a flower artist with Australian roots who lives and works in Berlin. She is the founder of Studio Mary Lennox. Ruby’s surreal arrangements create spaces between nature and architecture, between reality and dream. Her installations are sophisticated as well as accessible to a wider audience.

The Art of Dreams is an initiative that welcomes philosophical discourse and benefits from conceptual depth. Together with Ruby the initiative aims to explore the relationships, tensions, and synergies between nature and technology.